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Dashboard Depop Follow Bot

DepopMate a Depop Bot to Grow Engagements and Followers

For all those who believe in Effortless Growth on Depop

Automatically Follow, Like, Comment, Un-Follow, Unlike Refresh all your Closet, Send Direct Messages and do much more on our Depop Bot
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Our Depop Bot Supports All Major Platforms

Depop Bot for Mac

Depop Bot for Windows

Depop Bot Windows and Mac Version features

DepopMate Depop Bot Follow Dashboard Screen

Powerful Dashboard with Material Design.

Fully customize your automation settings and your target audience with Depop bot.

DepopMate Depop Bot Follow Configuration Screen
DepopMate Depop Bot Follow Dashboard

Get Real time updates of all Tasks.

Depop Bot App Features

Start working with DepopMate that can provide everything
you need to daily grow your engagements and followers on Depop.

Refresh Listing

Automatically Refresh all the products from your Closet. So your product remains on top of everyone's daily feed.

Send Messages

Automatically Send direct messages to a new or already followed profile for any promotions on Depop.

Add Comments

Add a unique Comment to any targets Product or Post from a predefined Comments list with Depop Bot.

Target By Category

Target profiles based on their selling product categories. Like Menswear, Tops, Shoes etc.

Target Any Profile

Choose your target audience by targeting all followers or followings of any profile on Depop.

UnFollow Profiles

Automatically Un-Follow all your followings. The Profiles will be un-followed starting from top.

Like Posts

Randomly Like all the top products from the target's closet. Set max number of products to be fetched.

Unlike Posts

Unlike all the Post's which you recently liked. All the posts will get sequentially unlike starting from the top.

Reply Notifications

Automatically Reply to all new Follower's or Liker's Notification with a Welcome Message on Depop.


Resume from where you left. The tool will Auto remember the last target profile and resume from there.

Target Once

The tool auto remembers all the targeted profiles on Depop and will ignore them the next time.

Fully Customized

Fully customize all the automated settings and the target selection as per your requirements on Depop Bot.

Still Not Convinced?

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How to Use our Depop Bot

It is very easy to download the tool and setup it on any Operating System.
You will just need to follow a one time installation process.


Download and Extract

Once the order is confirmed, A download link with all necessary instructions will be sent in mail. Simply download the tool in your machine and follow the given simple steps to Extract and Use.


Configure the Bot

The tool is very user friendly and you can easily configure all the settings to meet all your requirement. Moreover it is already configured with all the optimal default configuration settings. 


Keep Calm and Use

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” – It needs time to create great things. Use the tool on regular basis and adhere to all the daily limits  and see the wonder which is about to happen.

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Is it Safe to use Depop Bot ?

Oh yeah, that is the most common question of every client.
Why is our Depop bot the safest Bot in the market?


We have developed an algorithm, that adheres to all Depop rules and daily limits. It’s absolutely impossible to get banned if you use the Depop bot tool.


Depop bot also encoded the period for rest and sleep. It purely imitates the behavior of a human by adding random delays between each action.


Depop mobile Application along with Paypal tracks all your actions done within the app such as all your device-related information like device id, your location, your IP and many more. But with our Depopmate tool, they will never be able to track you.

How's our Depop Bot Different from our Competitors?

Our Depop Bot works PURELY on Depop’s own private API’s and Does Not use any Browser unlike other Browser-based Depop Bots

This means we are directly connecting you to the Depops servers and removing the user interface that can be either the Depop website or Depop’s Android and IOS apps.

This a very beneficial and highly reliable solution as unlike Depop websites, the API and Depop bot backend connectivity does never gets change. We are selling our tool for the last 4 years and the backend was just updated only twice and that to with very minor changes.

Whereas the Depop websites and Depop Apps get frequently updated and during the festive season they need to be updated on daily basis.

You might have noticed that in the past few days our competitor’s count is suddenly increased. This is because Depop made the temporary decision to include other features like Refresh listing and Message features to be available on the Depop website itself. All other bots present in the market other than are developed to be used only on the Depop website and they have a strong dependency on the Depop Site. If in the future, Depop plans to remove the features provided on the site like (Messages, Refresh Listing, and Comments) then the New Bots are of no use and they will never work.

Depop Browser Bots need regular updates.

You might have noticed during your free trial of New Browser bots that they Stop to work more frequently. This is because they work only on HTML Tags and are highly dependent on the look of the Depop website. If Depop adds any new section on their website or updates any existing section (Images, text, or headings) then with a slight change in the look – the Bot stops working as it will now not able to find the exact button or link that it was automatically looking for. This causes more frequent outage and you are unable to use the Depop Bot until some developer manually fixes the code and send you the updated tool. 


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