Best and Cheapest Depop Bot (2020): Which Depop Bot is best for you?

What is a Depop Bot?

A Depop Bot is a piece of sophisticated software that is specially designed for Depop to automate daily tasks. It exists as a desktop application on Linux, Windows and Mac or as an extension on your Chrome browser. Depop Bot performs tasks such as sending multiple messages, liking items, and following people.

You must be wondering how other user profiles on depop are having thousands of followers and you hardly get any new follower or like on your products. If you only focus on updating your inventory, spending huge time on listing products and don’t focus much on growing and maintaining your depop profile then it is a complete waste of effort. This works well if you already have a huge friends circle and you are highly active on other social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube. But, you will not get any recognition on depop if you want to start fresh.


Depop Bot Depopmate grow followers easily

It is always beneficial and the best deal to speed up your initial journey on Depop using the depop bot. In 2020, It is almost impossible to grow your business organically when your competitors use costly tools and SEO to step ahead of you.

You can start with targeting a similar depop profile or your friend’s profile on depop who is offering similar products like yours and has huge followers. Simply open his follower’s list and start randomly following all the profiles.

The key idea behind this approach is:

If you follow 100 random profiles then all 100 profiles will get notified that you have followed them.

50–60 profiles out of them will definitely follow you back.

And, at least 10–20 profiles will be Interested in your products.

Eventually, 2–5 users out of 100 followed profiles will purchase your product.

Just imagine what will be the chances of you getting $ new orders $ when you follow 10K profiles daily and that too without any efforts.

“Don’t work for money, Let money work for you!”


The Depop Bot is even more useful when your account has grown huge and you need a helping hand to maintain and update your account on a daily basis with all the repetitive tasks while you focus on building your closet and brand.

Imagine, on a daily basis you need to reply to hundreds of followers and likers notifications with a personalized thank you message or you need to constantly update and refresh your listing so it is always on top of everyone’s feed — On average, each depop user spends his 3 to 4 Hours in this repetitive tasks and wastes his valuable time which can be utilized on building your brand and focus on deliveries.


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DepopMate Depop Bot Dashboard screen

Ultimately, the goal of Depop bot is boosting sales and saving time in a safe way.


What is Depopmate?

This is an excellent and Cheapest Depop Bot that promotes engagements and helps gain followers. If you a strong believer in effortless growth on Depop, Depopmate is designed with you in mind. The bot utilizes built-in technology and has all the latest technology that your business needs.


The very First Bot that was developed for Depop?

The very first depop bot was developed in Microsoft excel macro by BotZzz almost 4 Years back. Since then it is highly evolved to the point it is now. From Excel macro to Windows application to almost an enterprise application now.

Surely BotZzz the oldest and experience depop bot developer in the market. you can check out their oldest video on youtube from the below link with all genuine reviews. Since then hundreds of depop users have taken benefits from BotZzz services and most of the depop users are not having more than 100k followers. Plus none of the users ever have complained about their accounts getting banned by using BotZzz’s depop bot. Thus depop account security is guaranteed.


What is BotZzz?

Botzzz was the first Depop Bot that entered the market around 5 years ago. Throughout this time, it has evolved to the ultimate tool that it is now. Currently, Botzzz makes use of the latest technology to get your business unlimited followers and likes, automate procedures such as sending direct messages and posting comments. The latest Botzzz applications are designed to work on both Mac and Windows platforms.


Collective features of Botzzz and Depopmate bots


This is the biggest concern every depop user has with using the depop bot. The bot never provides you fake likes or followers. All followers and likes you will get by using the depop bot are all real and active depop users.

To ensure maximum safety of your account on a full-time basis, the Depop Bot employs advance and complex algorithms for automatic speed control and random delays to mimic real human behavior. All the daily limits of the depop bot are carefully researched and calculated so you never overuse the bot.

Both the depop bot are developed in popularly used technologies and are supported in all the operating systems. You simply need to download the depop bot, install and use it. You can start using both the depop bot within a few clicks. You can also set up the bots on remote machines or even use them on multiple machines at the same time.

Depop bot has the ability to imitate rest and sleep just like a human being. It achieves this by initiating some random delays in between performing actions. Both the depop bot are developed with powerful algorithms that track the bot usage and restrict automated actions if a threshold is breached.

A very handy feature provided by both DepopMate and BotZzz. You can prepare and update the ignore list easily within the depop bot itself. Simply include the list of all depop usernames and depop friends that you want to skip or ignore in every action (follow, like, message, comment, unfollow, unlike) performed automatically by the depop bot.

DepopMate and BotZzz are designed with your business’ needs as the main determiner of what they will offer. For this reason, there is a provision for you to fully modify every single automated setting and your target selection according to your specific requirements on Depop Bot.

Unlike Depop mobile applications that keep track of information such as your IP, location, and device ID, Depopmate’s depop bot and BotZzz depop bot tools won’t track you and mostly help’s to be anonymous whenever you are using the depop bot.

Both BotZzz and DepopMate provide you full support related to your account, billing and technical questions. If you face any trouble in setting up the depop bot on any machine then they can even set up the depop bot for you for FREE.


depop bot depopmate setting

DepopMate Configuration window

Why Depopmate beats the competition hands down

DepopMate is developed using the latest Depop private Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which are more reliable than browser-based or chrome extension depop bot. Unlike API depop bot, browser-based bots need to be updated on a regular basis.

The updates are likely to be unsuccessful, and even if they go through, they won’t serve any purpose when minor alterations are made on Depop websites. In a week’s time, you have to update your browser-based depop bot two or three times, and almost on a daily basis throughout the festivities when numerous updates are released by depop.

✔️Refresh Listing ✔️ Send Messages ✔️ Post Comments ✔️ Target by Category ✔️Target by profile ✔️ Unfollow profiles ✔️ Like Posts ✔️ Unlike ✔️Reply to Notifications ✔️Remember last targetted profile ✔️Fully customize and many more.


Depop bot depopmate exclusive features

Comparison between Botzzz and Depopmate bot

There is a reason why bots are designed in a somewhat different way. DepopMate is the better depop bot to engage your followers with. It has features such as:

DepopMate can perform almost all the activities that you do on a mobile app which also includes sending bulk messages to users or automatically replying to users and also posting comments on their products. BotZzz’s depop bot is currently working on these features and will soon launch a new update with all these features.

Once you make a purchase to join thousands of other businesses reaping the huge benefits of DepopMate and Botzzz’s Depop bot, the bot tool becomes yours for as long as you want. In addition, you get to enjoy all updates, at the time when they are made available without paying a dime. Learn more about depop bot pricing here.

DepopMate has there own affiliate marketing profile which is used by hundreds of depop and other users worldwide. You can earn more than 40% commission on each depop bot sale that goes through you and that too without having any limits on your earnings. You can find more details about their depop bot affiliate program from here.


Thanks for sparing your valuable time reading my blog on depop bot comparison.

DepopMate offers the best, reliable and cheapest Depop Bot in the market. You get all premium features for just 15$ for a month. Get additional 10% Off from here.

Try for free and I guarantee that you will definitely like the depop bot and your business will skyrocket! 🧑‍🚀

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